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    Monster C2-C4 wheels

    Are the R&D C2-C4 wheels actually available? Specs? Prereq. requirements? Emailed R&D and no response so far...

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    This is the only thing I've seen on their site, but there's no listing for them in the parts catalog. They haven't responded to my emails with Q's on several parts I bought from them.

    For high altitude situations (such as Denver, Colo.) or high heat conditions (above 100 degrees), R&D suggests moving up to the C2-C4 range of Monster Wheels and upgrading to the R&D High Performance Intercooler Core Kit. Air density is greatly influenced by heat and altitude combinations. In conditions where the air becomes less dense, power will be lost. R&D offers a range of compressor wheels that will allow the engine tuner to compensate for air density losses with a range of compressor wheels with increased blade tip height and increased inducer sizes, all with increased air flow volumes rated in pounds per minute.

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