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    1998 Yamaha XL 760

    Hello I have a 1998 Yamaha XL 760 jet ski.
    Anyone know what is the stock size of the Needle and seat is for that engine in the jet ski.
    I was looking on SBT web site and saw about 6 different needle and seat replacement's. I am looking to rebuild my carbs but don't know which to buy to replace the stock one.


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    760s have 44mm carbs
    just buy two reubiuld kits and rebuild both of your carbs completely

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    Rebuild kits do not come with NS..

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Rebuild kits do not come with NS..
    I know that's why I am looking for what size is the stock ones SBT has 6 differnt size.


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    I have been searching for some time now and coming up blank. The size is stamped on the base of the seat. If I were you only buy genuine mikuni parts. I realize that you knew that they are not part of the rebuild kit but wanted to inform others that may read this thread.

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    1.5 needle and seat for the 98 xl 760 2x sbn 44mm

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    look for carb specs in the manuals posted the in stickies thread below..
    then look in MAINTAINENCE SPECIFICATIONS (under carburetor)

    these are in listed for my 97 GP760...yours may be a little different
    main nozzel 3.2
    main jet 130(#1 carb)/132.5(#2 carb)
    pilot 115
    valve seat 1.5

    the link below will take you to the sticky..check all the threads in that stick as your skis link may not work properly,or go directly to that hosting members site, and they will prob help you out directly ...or find a xl760 owner and if they are cool and a good forum particapant,they prob have the manuel in reaching distance to give you exact #'s

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    those manuals are dead! but the 1.5 I listed is correct

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