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Thread: 2 each 93 SL750

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    2 each 93 SL750

    Hey guys,
    I have 2 93 SL750's that I want to change the fuel delivery systems on. I just kind of need a little help on what exactly to buy for this update. I want to change all the fuel lines and pumps and filters and anything else in the fuel system. These 2 skis run okay, but lack some low end power.

    Please Help!!!


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    Also check compression should be about 125 each cyl.

    Also pull pump re-bearing and reseal.

    Inspect center support bearing and replace seals.

    Consider removing oil pump and going re-mix or at least replacing oil lines/clamps.

    Do search... on this board...lots of info.

    new parts
    used parts

    Respond back...others will help.
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