The R5 LiQuId SPEED Show on is proud to announce that we have created a NEW MySpace page for ALL to enjoy!

We are still adding things and right now you can hear the 1st Interview with "The Ripper" Larry Rippenkroeger that aired in December 08! It automatically starts when you enter. We are in the process of editing the other Interviews with Malone, Ratti, Sheldon and The Fish as well as Ross Champion and Joe Kenney! So come check us out and ADD us to your friends list for weekly updates!

We are also going to be adding videos soon as well! Some of you have sent us videos and we are working on those as well for website as well..all videos will be featured on the MySpace page soon as well.

Thanks and Hope you LIKE!

Special THANKS to Chris Nite of for the awesome page and Banner!

We will be LIVE this Tuesday night at 7pm Central so LISTEN IN!!!!