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    FS:2008 Yamaha VX-110 with trailer - $6100

    I am looking to sell or have someone take over the payments on my 2008 Yamaha VX-110 Waverunner, it has less then 14 hours on it.It is garage kept and winterized. I bought this in July 2008 brand new.I will give $2000 towards someone who is willing to take over the payments making the total $6100, all you would have to do is apply for credit at Yamaha which I have there number and apply for a credit line of $6100 to take over my payments or just pay me cash.It also have a brand new Loadright trailer($1099) with 12 inch wheels not the cheaper 8 in wheel trailers.It is hard to take pictures of the waverunner because it is the garage and under a cover but anyone interested can come see it in person.Please feel free to ask any questions. I attached some of the pictures from the Yamaha website so you can see what it looks like. It is located in Central Jersey.
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    I will also include 2 life jackets, first aid kit, waverunner cover and anything else that I have for it.

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    Here are some pictures of the actual ski, I took it out of the garage to get these.

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    Bump lowered price.

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    if things don't work out here, ebay is always there


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    I will give ebay a shot as a last resort, do you think what I am asking is a fair deal?

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    Bump, new price.

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    I would try Craigslist.

    I think the GH crowd is more performance driven than the entry level ski's. Not trying to be rude, just trying to give my .02 to help.

    The VX110 is a great entry level ski, just not very fast and not worth throwing a bunch of money into for more performance.

    As you will find out all ski's lose value quickly in the first couple years of ownership. Good Luck

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    Thanks for your input.

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