Available for watercraft riding Jan. 17 (no car / need ride), Jan. 18 (AFC-NFC) thru 23rd (have rental car and / or can move big boat).
Need a ski to ride St John's, etc. with you guys! (biggest reason for this trip / our river is covered with ice now).
Will cash deposit borrow, rent, buy-ride-sell back stock ride that maintains at least distant visual contact with Jessie, Duke, and JP will work, but a rocket is better eh? (expert trail breaker - see utube)
Party on the yachit Friday 16th "Martini Girl" 53' Hatty at dock 100 yards south of Hillsborough Inlet bridge, Pompano Beach.
If not there, have a brew on board and please wait a bit, because we're just out pickin' up the rental and more brew.
It's gonna be GREAT!
Les cells 604-657-6860, local 480-384-0156
Paul 604-720-8938