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    FS: Womens Diamond Movado(Metio)watch.

    I am selling a watch that I bought for my Mother for Christmas because her boyfriend bought her almost the same watch and I didn't know anything about it. Now I am stuck with this watch because I had a link taken out so I can not return it. I paid a little over $800 with tax for it and I will let it go for $650 or B/O, I have all the boxes, warranty cards and everything I got with it when I bought it new. It has never even been worn yet.Here is a link to the watch on the Movado website with all the details.
    These are the best pictures I could get of the actual watch.

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    so like do you work at like a pawn shop or something all your posts I've ever seen have been selling watches or phones or selling something

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    No, I don't work at pawn shop, to be honest I was laid off 2 months ago and the wife just got laid off Today, so when we were working we had a nice income coming in and now since we are both home unemployed I thought I would get rid of some of things that I really shouldn't have since I am unemployed. That's why you see me trying to liquidate a few things. I have over $10,000 in watches and when I was working I could justify that but since I am laid off they have to go.

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