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    Upgrade Question about stx 12F

    Hey guys, I have a STX 12F with an air intake, exhaust with secondary waterbox removal, and a cut stock grate. Well I went out yesterday and with about 3/4 fuel 48 degree air and my friend on the back (180lbs) I ran a 54.7 mph gps and I was wondering if there is an impeller that would be suited for my ski? Also is there anything else I can do to nurse some more speed out of my ski, other than kicking my friend off and running it on the buzzer? what is the best motor oil for the ski and despite looking I have been unable to find how to change the oil on this site, is there an easy way with the filter being upside down? Finaly I have a pretty bad scrape on the bottom of the hull does anyone know where a good place to get black gel cote is?



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    West marine has the gelcote, you need to purchase a tinytach so that you can accuratley dial in your prop to get your rpms right(hard to read the dots). Motor oil is to be sucked out dipstick tube, oil filter isn't really messy, just use some rags. Put in how much you take out...warm it up then top it off.For more speed, You can get a couple mph out of a ride plate (pm me, I have a used R&D if you want it) motor oil is debateable, I use amsoil

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    I just came across this thread, do you still have the R&D plate for sale?Thanks

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