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    seadoo challenger jetboat mod to outboard

    Hi all,,
    is anybody have modified seadoo jetboat challenger using outboard?
    Friends of mine modified his jetboat but the boat couldnt planning,, I mean the boat keep tip up and bounching.
    he is using yamaha 2stroke engine with 200HP

    any help with the transform dimension or measurement would appreciate.
    i read today in the forum and find a jetboat with outboard for sale in ebay. the modification is similar with that jetboat.


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    why?? But Why????

    I'm doing the opposite...

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    the 96 challenger is equip with 2x 800 engines. power to weight ration on this boat make the engine work load alot. and give engine lots of problem.
    so,,we modified using outboard engine, but the boat keep bouncing ( maybe the engine to big? 200 hp yamaha 2 storke). or the transform is not in a good design. can any body help? i try to find a pic of this boat modified. i will posted if i found.


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    We really need pics to be able to help out... It might sound like the engine is sitting to low... How does it act when you tilt the engine? How big is the boat?

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    Here you go
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCRXP View Post
    Here you go
    Is that the eBay modified boat, or your friend's modified SeaDoo boat?

    Looks like the weight of the outboard motor is much father back than the OEM inboard engines would have been. Was anything done to keep the boat balanced front to rear, like adding weight at the nose?

    Do you have any video of the modified boat running in the water?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCRXP View Post
    Here you go
    thanks for the pic,,but actually i already see the pic, just need the technical date on how far the transform from the original body, how many degree is the transform that hold the engine etc2.

    I did email the guy that sell his boat in ebay, and waiting for his detail on pictures.

    if any body have any experience, please help.
    im also want to see the video running ,,

    thx again.

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    tell your friend to put 2 4-tecs in his boat and scrap the outboard idea.... problem is seadoo hull is designed to use a jet pump. best bet would be to buy a boat with an outboard if that the route you want togo.

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    Did you try playing with the trim to see if it keeps the bow down?
    200 hp is a pretty heavy motor.

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    you need about 100lbs in the bow

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