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    wow my jet work mode diferent than fercho

    I never see a pict of jet works mode by fercho but my is totally different
    I all ways believe my was the same and his mode wow what a different
    I will post the pict of my for the ones who want to try but looking at these pict I can guaranty better hole shot whit the same parts

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    sorry for the pict I try to post other tomorrow
    is very simple no pump mode
    no bypasses hoses
    just one hose going from the front part of the pipe to the stinger on the back with the jet works in the middle you do have to use the rubber gasket same us fercho and adjust the opening at 3500 rpms
    the theory is simple the water box will be empty of water ant idle so by the time you press the gas the acceleration is instant
    they do have same problems you cant idle for more than 3 to 4 minutes below 3500 so you have to get on the gas every few minutes and wen you flash the ski in salt water you have to pinch the big hose on top of the pipe to create in of pressure so salt water wont be trap on the jet work
    because you work whit less water pressure compare whit the other mode is very easy to achieve perfect water flow the other problem the ski is very noisy at idle but pay to try is very simple to do

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    sorry i have to try to post a better pict
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    Quote Originally Posted by bill cosca
    sorry i have to try to post a better pict
    If you have it set up like this and it work that interesting! Where do you dump water at ideal? If you arent' able to dump you'll over heat??? I just don't see how you set up works???

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    the extra water is dump from the big hose on top of the pipe I use the ski for rescue same times 8 hrs no stop at different intervals of speed I have only 16 seconds to make the rescue so every second count for me is my ski bog I will probably loose the ski and maybe my life and I travel to the other islands same times 6 to 7 hrs rides no stop never over heat any hose and I use these set up for over 3 years I was worry on ever heat the lower part of the pipe but never did I was going to use a small bypass on the lower part but never have a problem so I never did

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    wow, thats is a very simple set-up Bill

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    Wow.... it's one of those things that looks too simple to actualy work, lol. Where's Nando? I'd like his input.

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    If you haven't seen Ferchos, I drew a new diagram to make it easy to understand..yours looks simple, but almost too simple...

    anyways heres Ferchos'


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    yes simple is the way to go
    I star testing these mode back in 2000 but I was working moose of the times in triples super stock boats and I dint do more single pipes until I move to Hawaii
    for the ones they need same fed back I work in skis for over 10 years I am a Yamaha authorized tech I race skis since the raider 701 come out and I race national / world finals since 1998 in 05 was the first time I dint race on the world finals I have
    2 number one ijsba regional championships on sport back wen the was 25 skis on the line to race and 1200 ss
    one number one national championship on sport class
    one number 4 on 1200 ss on pro am class
    and a number 10 world championship on 1200 pro modified against Mac and Dustin on the f 15 with a super stock boat

    believe me if I say these work take to the bank

    guillermo coscarelli aka bill cosca

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    I don't know why Bills mod wouldn't work just fine, unless there is some reason it would be a problem with water backing up in the pipe... in fact, I could apply his mod to my Stinger3 mod the same way... or add that water back in addition to the water I have coming from the pump. I've often wondered if I might benifit from more water (and therefore more back pressure) in the Stinger at high RPMs. Something to think about.

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