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Thread: FZS stability

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    FZS stability

    How much difference will there or is there between the FX SHO and FZS or FZ model in terms of stability. Looking at the specs both models are so similar in size I can't see one being tippier than the other when idling. How much difference at speed??

    Other thing a dealer told me be prepared to get wet on the FZ series, is this true. IS the FX SHO that much more stable??

    Which will handle better in bigger water...not ocean just large lake and can the FZS model jump like the FX SHO.

    Besides a few little feautures like cruise and no wake I seem to like the styling and look of the FZS better than the FX SHO...even little things like mirrors i prefer on the FZS let alone the much ncier gauge cluster.

    Any input would be much appreicated.

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    Theyre huge. Unless you weigh like 600 pounds... I dont see this thing getting tipped at idle. SHO will handle the big water better. Its a PWC and youll be on the water.. How afraid of getting wet are ya?

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    I wouldn't but much stock and anything the dealers tell you. I have only met one or two who even knew what PWC stood for.

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    the chine on the fz is rounded on the fx it is flat hence more stable

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    maybe this will help you....
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