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    2005 Challenger 180

    I own a 2005 Challenger 180, bought new in 06, I use it on the Colorado River and it is a great river boat. Upgraded the stereo, speakers and remote with XM. Bone stock engine. Maybe 30 hours

    Question - I see 47-48mph on GPS which is not to bad from what I have read on this fourm. Look's like I need to replace the SC washers and get a Green Charger. The impeller discussion was confusing, what pitch should I get. Will these mods make a difference ?? I'm half way handy...can I change out the SC & Charger myself, or should I take to a shop ? Part numbers and the place to buy the parts would be greatly apprecieated.

    Thank you !!

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    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    I'm surprised nobody has answered you... I don't even have an SC engine but I've seen others post on this topic...

    I'm pretty sure the most cost-effective and safe way to do the ceramic washer swap is to take off your SC and mail it to Jerry. Then all you have to do is reinstall it and you're set.

    I can't speak to the ease of installing the green wheel... good luck!

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