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    What do Sponsons Do?

    I'm looking at a set of sponsons for an ultra 150. I already have a shredmaster and am looking to improve handling, especially with a passenger.

    What would sponsons do? I'm looking at "beach house".

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    Sponsons are projections from the sides of a watercraft, for protection, stability, or the mounting of equipment such as armaments or lifeboats, etc. They extend a hull dimension at or below the waterline and serve to increase flotation or add lift when underway.
    Sponsons are commonly used on jetskis and other personal watercraft such as canoes to provide either additional buoyancy and thus stability against capsize, or hydrodynamic forces to resist capsize. They can often be easily attached to an existing craft in order to improve its stability.

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    On a jet ski they mainly help control the craft when turning. Stock sponsons help with stability somewhat but aftermarket makes the ski turn more aggresive. My ultra with stock sponsons in a hard turn the back of the ski would break loose and slide, with Ada sponsons the ski will dig in and turn on a dime without sliding. With aftermarket the ski will turn faster and harder which is must have in closed course racing. After riding a ski with aftermarket sponsons then getting on a ski with stock the stock one feels like there is something wrong with the steering and they are hard to control.

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