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    The Dangers of Traveling to Work

    For those who have been to Mudbug, there is a helicopter port on the eastern side of Lake Palourde that you may have seen. A week or so ago, one of their choppers went down in the marshlands between Morgan City and the Gulf, ferrying oilfield hands to the Cougar platform offshore. There's a lot of people down here who fly offshore often for work, and their families have to wonder "was he/she" on THAT flight? Prayers for the families of those lost, and for the small community of pilots/mechanics/etc that run these ships everyday.

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    I heard about the accident but didn't get the location.

    Our prayers and condolences go out to their families.

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    I had some guys in class one time that worked for a small cellular company in Lafayette LA. They had cell sites out on the oil rigs. They could only go out during daylight and got stuck there overnight sometimes. Can't remember the name of the company, but Don Jordan was the boss at the time - a long time ago... Ron

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