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    YAMAHA Triple in a Blaster 1!?

    i have seen a few posts referring to putting a Yamaha triple in a blaster 1. can this be done? i have a raider 1100 and a blaster 1 and must admit, it looks like it will fit, but i was wondering if there are any pics about, and if anyone has ridden one. i would imagine it would be quite unbalanced, after all a B1 can be a b*tch to get on when you take a tumble...

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    its been done. here is one being worked on

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    Its been done like jonny said. been done a while ago. people have also put the motor in superjets.

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    Really its not that bad of a swap, I've been slightly helping with the one shown there on x-h20 and it comes out looking pretty factory, since all the electronics are contained with the 1100 motor that part is a breeze. Most of the stock exhaust from the Wave venture donor was used, The piping was sliced and diced and the water box was gutted and cut down. The only real custom part about it was molding in the motor mounts. (and if you look closely on the build he used kaw750 mounts, basically he wasn't paying attention to what mounts he grabbed when he was mocking things up and glassing it in, but they work). The only real argument about the swap is you can get a 701/760 into the same horsepower range without the added weight. But this swap will be powerful and 100% reliable.

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