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    superjet sponsons 2 or 4???

    i have a few yamaha superjets and would like to know if anybody has installed the sponsons available for the front and back of the ski?? what's it like with the 4 in place?? will this make the older(newer than 96) competitive with the hydrospace?? can anybody tell me more about this??

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    I've never ridden a SJ with sponsons... However, comparing a SJ to a Hydrospace is like comparing a street bike with a dirt bike...
    The SJ is a ton more nimble for freestyle/rec riding but a total handful flat out/top speed. The hydrospace is a ton quicker, more stable and overall just a better ski for racing but considerably harder to toss around.... However, I've only been on a hydrospace a few times over the course of a few hours so my time on them is VERY limited. They are a wicked ski to ride..

    In my opinion if your looking to race and can't afford a hydrospace then the next best thing is an SXR.

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    The rear sponsons never did that much for me.

    I am going to assume your looking for better buoy racer. If so, your going to want to go with tubbies II, hull extentions, longer rideplate, and new intake grate

    Hull extentions

    Tubbie II

    The intake grate and ride plate are up to you. I personally like the Jet Dynamics intake grate

    With this set up you will be more competitive to an SXR because it will turn on rails. Personally if the funds are available I would get an 08+ superjet

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