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    docking a ski with no reverse? how hard?

    the title says it all i was just wondering on how hard it would be for a newbie to dock a gpr with no reverse? how do you guys do it? explain your method in coming to the dock please.


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    For a NOOB… Not to sure how hard it is. For me its not hard at all. What I do is approach the dock at idle, parallel to the dock, at mayb 15-20 away from the dock. Start vearing slowly toward the dock, and cut your bars to do a U turn, when you cut the bars, cut off the enging, your momentum will make you do a U turn, and you use your foot to stop yourself from hitting the dock. Takes 2 times to get it, then it’s a piece of cake. Good luck.

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    well i use to have ski and had to do that but this is for a friend so i posted so he can read cuz hes never done it before

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    Docking without reverse is generally not hard to do, just takes some practice. If you have a buoy or floating plastic bottle that you can use for practice without worrying about hitting it, that makes it easier, but you can practice with the dock itself.

    Even though my PWC all have reverse, I often don't use it.

    If approaching a dock at right angles (aiming almost directly for the target dock spot), I will idle towards, then turn sharply one way. As the ski starts to turn (which takes a second or more at idle speed), I swing the bars hard over the other way. From above, it would look like a partial S pattern.

    As the nose swings back towards the dock, still turning hard, I kill the engine. The momentum of rotation continues to swing the rear of the ski around, while my forward momentum brings me up to the dock. I end up close to and parallel with the dock, with very little sideways speed, so a gentle effort with foot or hand brings it to a stop.

    By turning the ski sideways as I approach the dock, it slows more rapidly that just gliding forward with the engine off. It also makes it easier for me to grab the dock if I come in a little fast, since I don't have to lunge over the handle bars to prevent dock contact.

    And if I misjudge the approach, I can just keep turning hard with the engine running at idle, go out and come back for another try.

    Keep in mind that with the engine off, you will have zero steering control, so you must time the engine shut down accurately. Also, use the stop button, rather than yanking the lanyard. That way, if you need to restart and go around, you can do so instantly.

    Practice docking with several approach angles, and soon you will have a handle on doing it even in tight areas.

    Docking without using reverse is a good skill to have, even if your PWC has reverse.

    Using reverse can also be more confusing than not using it, especially if you are trying to steer while in reverse, close to a dock or other boats. Reverse (and steering while in reverse) on a PWC doesn't work like reverse on a car, so it takes practice to learn how to use it well.

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    The one thing to remember is.... Take your time!!!!!

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    thank you very good write up

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    It's easy but the key word is go SLOW! These ski's idle fast so don't keep the engine running all the way to the dock or you'll slam it! Cut the engine off a ways out and then "bump" (start and then stop the engine) it a few times and drift up to the dock. Remember, you can't steer when the engines off, so when you bump it use that thrust to get it pointed where you want it.

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    A 360° turn is a very useful tool. It will dissipate virtually all of your speed. After that, you may need to kill/start the engine to control your speed.

    Make sure your idle speed is set as low as possible without stalling.

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    A bunch of good suggestions here.

    You definitely don't want to be the dork who smashes his ski into the dock. I have seen it happen, not pretty.

    You will be fine. Just take you time and bump start the ski. The trick is doing it slow!

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    just go out and practice.. no throttle, and try it. That's probably the best way to learn.

    and try to do what people said above..


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