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    whats a good gps

    whats a good gps for a waverunner to get good mph.

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    I had the garmin colorado 400i came with all of the lakes in the us on it....but its at the bottom of the lake now...but I was very happy with it....

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    Garmen Etrex Legend is good.

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    I am very happy with my Garmin GPSMAP76. It has a nice big screen and it FLOATS. Got it for $160.00 online.
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    forerunner 201....and get the bike mount....if you have aftermarket handlebars...probably the best setup

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    My forerunner 201 mounted on the stock handlebar pad of my GPR with the supplied velcro strap, was a slick set-up.

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    i have a bulletproof ram mount, with my yellow Etrex..

    ill have to get pics later.. there some on my project thread.. i just dont wanna search through.

    the mount bolts onto the bars, and clamps down. Then you lock the GPS in place and you can set it at different angles and want not so that you can see it if your in superman, sitting down, standing up... whatever its pretty sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andygpr748 View Post
    I am very happy with my Garmin GPSMAP76. It has a nice big screen and it FLOATS. Got it for $160.00 online.
    allstar71 should have had one of them

    I had the garmin 72, left it on the ski when I sold it, was a great gps.

    now have that little yellow etrex, great little gps, does all I need, max speed, track etc. enough for me.

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    Been running garmin 3 and 3+ for years now. Very repeatable, and you can find them on ebay for less than $100. The giant max speed readout, and the fact that it can go either vertical or horizontal is nice. I think I'm going to use a forerunner on my next project.

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