International PWC Endurance and Drag Races

January 14,2009
International PWC Endurance and Drag Races March 28 in Portimao, Portugal.
FPJet , the IJSBA Affiliate of Portugal is holding its second annual International Endurance event and will be adding drag racing to the competition program.
The event will be held on March 28th. We have received the following press release from the event organizers and will bring you more information when it is received:
PWC JET DRAGS at the II International Endurance
The second edition of theinternational endurance competition in Portimão will be brightenedwith a race of PWC Jet Drags - IJSBA
This new varietyis booming in the United Statesand Promotora Livre is very hopeful that will create many adherents so that we will have the 1st InternationalPWC Jet Drags in 2010.
By reasons of coordination of schedules we will have onle 2 classes on this varietyand we will only accept 12 enrollments per class.
  • Runabout Open/GP
  • Runabout Stock Plus
The enrollment is subject of a minimum fee.
The admission is conditioned by sequence of incoming of the enrollments fot the IIInternational Endurancein which the participants mention their interest in this variety.