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    15F Mods

    I've done the riva 2 to 1 exhuast kit, block off plates, air intake, sponsons, ride plate... What is the next step? ECU / cams / impeller? I ride recreational in the bay with lots of chop, sometimes flat. Not looking to dump a ton of money. The new 250 looks and feels like a giant compared to my boat, I want to keep it. Just looking for a little more hp. Nothing extreme like sc or turbo.

    Also on a side note, need new mats... where is the best place to buy?

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    I guess the question we need to ask is, what is considered a ton of money?


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    You've got most of the econo-mods done.

    For impeller, two choices are avail. One for towing (less top speed) and another type for higher top speed (but inefficient towing). Factory impeller is right in between.

    Hydrotruf makes awesome mats.

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    +1 go with hydroturf and get the optional two sided tape on the back. It works great and easy to install

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