Sea-Doo Wake 155 Watercraft Pulls Elite Surf Athletes During Red Bull Tow-At Event at Sebastian Inlet Pro Surf Contest

Sebastian, Florida, USA – January 13, 2009 BRP is supplying the power for the 2009 Sebastian Inlet Pro surf contest's Red Bull† Tow-At event with a 2009 Sea-Doo® WAKE™ 155 watercraft. The Red Bull Tow-At is an invitation-only one-day event comprised of ten elite surfers. Utilizing the 155 horsepower Sea Doo WAKE watercraft, surfers will be sling-shot into waves at up to twenty miles-per hour leading to dramatic aerial and carving maneuvers.

With a new Sea-Doo watercraft on the line for the winner-take-all-event, past champions and new comers are training to wow the crowd and judges. Alek Parker probably never had a better birthday gift than what he received two years ago, when he won a Sea-Doo GTI™ watercraft in the Red Bull Tow-At at Sebastian Inlet.

"I'm still using that Sea-Doo," said the Satellite Beach, Florida surfer. "Just last week, we went out with C.J. (Hobgood), Jeremy Saukel and Philip Waters for six hours one day. We love it."

The Red Bull Tow-At event , one of just two in North America, provides spectators with the opportunity to see the surfers launch huge aerial maneuvers after being towed into the waves behind the expertly driven Sea-Doo WAKE 155 watercraft.

"It's always a crowd favorite," said Sebastian Inlet Pro contest producer Mitch Varnes. "Red Bull puts a lot of energy into it, and the Sea-Doo watercraft pulls the guys into waves allowing them to pull off tricks they would never have thought possible by normal surfing means."

The Sea-Doo WAKE 155 and WAKE Pro™ are the only watercraft specifically designed for tow sports and the ideal watercraft for this unique, high energy event. The Sea-Doo WAKE 155 offers a precise handling hull that rides high in the water allowing the driver to tow the athletes in and out of the surf break with ease. The 155 horsepower 4-TEC™ engine provides immediate throttle response and aids in rapid pick-ups which is a key factor in the timed event

The 2009 Red Bull Tow-At is set to take place from about 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, January 17, 2009 at Sebastian Inlet State Park on Florida's East coast. Fans from around the world can watch the 2009 Red Bull Tow-AT LIVE webcast on the action sports network Log in at 11 a.m. EST to catch all the high flying action.

The 2009 Red Bull Tow-At will include the following athletes: Kolohe Andino, "Ratboy" Collins, Colin Harrington (ranked fifth in the world in wakeboarding), Ola Eleogram, Clay Marzo, Cory Lopez, Eric Geiselman, Parker and Ben Bourgeois.

Past Champions of the Sea-Doo Powered Red Bull Tow-At
2008 Champion Shea Lopez
2007 Champion Alek Parker
2006 Champion Josh Kerr
2005 Champion Ben Bourgeois