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    How far on a tank of fuel

    Will a 1200 SLX go?

    I have been told that it is a 60 LT tank...?

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    That would depend on throttle control.

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    From my Polaris 2000 Universal Watercraft Owners Safety and Maintenance Manual: 12.5 gallon tank, which works out to 47.3 liters. As I recall it's stamped right into the top of the tank.

    Or, 12.5 gallons US, which is 10.4 UK gallons....

    Just a ballpark figure, but we used to run about 50 miles, or 80km on a tankful. That was the point at which the low fuel warning began, maybe a few miles further before paddling? That was WOT the whole time, probably the worst case scenario! (my son was driving, not me!)
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    Cheers for that... Not that far then... lol

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    47 litre fuel tank capacity sounds about right for the later year 2 seater SL hulls.

    I wonder if any of the larger/later model fuel Polaris tanks would fit inside the SL hull?

    The Virage and MSX tanks are larger at 64 and 67 litres, I think. Not sure about the SLT fuel tanks

    Other brand PWC fuel tanks might also fit, with some tweaking.

    I do know the Polaris fuel gauges (actually the fuel senders) are somewhat non-linear, so the amount of usable fuel remaining when the Red Low Fuel warning lamp first lights, may not be exactly 1/8th of capacity.

    When the fuel level gets so low that sloshing of the remaining fuel mixes air into the fuel pick-up, that is essentially when you must stop riding, at least not with any real power output.

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