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    WTB Apple green RXP hood

    Ours has a couple of small scratches on it. Im a perfectionist... Id really like a mint one. I dont know what they go for on this site but I generally see them on ebay for $150-200. Id like to be in that range, preferably on the lower end of it. Please let me know if youre parting out. thanks!!

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    Our black compartment cover has a couple of small marks on it and some hazing. I would want that as well. I dont need the mirrors or hoses- but I assume that someone will want to get rid of the complete hood. thats easier anyhow.

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    I've got one but it has scratches on it too.

    I'm sure a body shop would fill and paint yours for 150$

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    this will get rid of the hazing on that black lexan storage compartment lid

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    yeah thats the easy part. its got a small scuff on it. that piece is cheap from the dealer. I believe that this ski was tied to a dock from time to time because it has a few rubs. He must have tied it to the handlebars or something which would have caused the hood to go up against the dock. its no biggie. the rest of the ski is clean and I think most people could live with a few small scratches, Im just a perfectionist when it comes to my toys...

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    I had one in perf. condetion
    Make me offer

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    Shipping will cost a fortune...

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