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Thread: Security ??

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    Post Security ??

    Any help , assistance or advice greatly appreciated.

    I have recently purchased my Yamaha FX SHO and after readying some of the post I am a bit concerned regarding the security of my Ski. I have purchased two one for the UK and another for Spain and its Spain that I am concerned about. I have made arrangements for it to be stored at a boat yard whilst I am out of the country so it’s “fairly” well secure there I have the usual trailer locks etc, etc… However it’s when I leave it in the port (Cabopino, Costa del Sol) overnight that concerns me. I have not yet talked with the port to see what security is there but I know it to be a fairly secure port as I regularly leave my boat ( Mariah, DX 212) on berth for a couple of weeks at a time and there is no problem. HOWEVER that’s not to say that it is totally secure….

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to security or some proven tracker system that can be fitted to assist in the event of illegal removal ? My ski is fully insured against almost everything but I like to have belt and braces….

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    If you're that worried about it, I'd remove the battery, or other critical item to disable it.

    You might also consider putting MicroDots on it.

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