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    So have you ever

    Jet-washed your engine and inner hull down?

    I was thinking of removing the electrics box, battery and covering the carbs and giving my ski a good clean up inside. The last owner didn't seem to keep it as clean as I would of but we all do things differently.

    What do you think?

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    Yes, you can do that.

    As you noted, you need to protect or remove anything that could be damaged by the high pressure spray. Some of the smaller hoses and tubes, you just need to not rip them apart with the force of the water. Note the location of the speedo pitot tube under the drive shaft, the vent hoses for oil and fuel tanks, and the battery vent tube.

    What others have done, including myself, is to pour a few litres of Simple Green cleaner (or similar), plus some bleach into the hull (maybe a little water to bulk it up), and take it for a ride on the trailer (bumpy roads work better). The sloshing action helps loosen the grime.

    If you have mould or stains on the vertical surfaces or flotation foam, you can spray bleach directly onto those areas (or bleach plus Simple Green). Just take precautions so you don't inhale the stuff, and wear old clothes and waterproof gloves!

    Let it sit for a while, then tip the nose of the trailer up high, and drain it out the back. Take care where you drain the stuff, as it can damage plant life and must be properly disposed or rinsed away.

    Follow up with a thorough garden hose rinsing (I used hot tap water), and it should look much better.

    Before you start soaking the hull inside, pump some fresh water proof grease into the through-hull bearing, to help keep the water out of the bearing.

    I used this cleaning method on both of my Virage TXi , one of which is for sale.

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    Cool... Thanks...

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    i just sprayed some simple cleaner in my hull and just scrubbed everything down with multiple sized brushes and rinsed out with hose water. Sqeeky clean

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