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    Need more performance.....Please read not the usual.

    Hi guys, I have the gpr800 with the non pv 1200 engine. Yes, you heard me a non pv 1200 in a gpr hull. I have not used a gps but I am just about sure that I run about 57-60 mph. I need a little more oomph. I am not talking anything out of reach here. I am looking for a solid 64-66 mph ski. My ski works perfect now and I don't want to do anything drastic such as having to use race gas. I need something 93 octane pump friendly.

    I was thinking about doing a group k sleeper package and get an intake grate and matching impeller. I was also thinking about getting a ride plate, but I am told that they dont work too good in rough water where I ride 80% of the time. Anyone have any suggestions? There is a race here in April and I want to be ready.

    I also want to use stock bore pistons, stock carbs and the stock airbox.

    If you do that work and have a reasonably priced package pm me so I could start putting my pennies aside.

    Thanks in advance!

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    GPR hull with a 65U GP1200 motor in it ?
    Take some pics for us.
    If its a stock 65U motor stock 44MM carbs are plenty good.
    Stock comp is 120psi bring it up to 145psi 150 psi and you can still run your pump gas.
    Reeds will help as well.
    There is a lot of tweaking trim tabs and ride plates on the GPS lots of speed under the hull.
    Ride plate for big stuff would probably be a shredmster plate smooth water a Jims ff plate.

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    Yea, me tooo. Lets see some pics!

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    K....I will go snap a few!

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    Here you go!
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    look for a plate intake grate mabey a steering nozzle
    head at like 145 psi and i would siggest F/A but you want to use the stock air box. the impellar is a good idea. solas concord is pretty good imho.

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    Now THATS a ski that Yamaha should have made!!! ( or at least offered ) The 65U motor is an excellent and reliable platform. You'll be suprised how much power you can extract out of that setup!!!
    To get to 65 should be a joke--- aim higher!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by bbanks View Post
    Here you go!

    swweet did you do the motor drop,loved my 97 engine

    there must be loads of stuff about in the old school section for speed mods..

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    I am pleased with the performance of the ski right now. I ride in the ocean only and I give the pv1200's a good run for the money. They just edge me on the top end. I was thinking about just swapping in a pv motor but I think I will loose my midrange. I have very good midrange but not much on the top end. I got the ski the same way that you see it I didn't do the swap.

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    Try and find some factory triple pipes, bump the compression to about 150, some VF reeds with spacer plate, jims plate, grate, and a riva CDI. This will get you way over 65. Oh dont forget to get a welded crank.

    Then I would try a dynafly in an o5 gpr pump. Find out what you can turn then get it pitched at impros to get you up in the 7800 RPM's. Would love to see what this engine could do on a gpr pump with dynafly prop.

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