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    96 GSX ride plate?

    wondering if there is any ride plate options for a 96 GSX? and also any pump upgrades?

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    No ride plates that are better than stock. Pump options? Engine mods really dictate what pump mods/options you need.

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    for handling get some aftermarket sponsons. then boost hp with a few mods and put in a solas impeller matched.
    intake grate for better hookup
    umi handlebars get your body forward a bit and enhance handling
    bow spray deflector for the splashies
    the ski will be a holeshot monster and carve awesome.
    fun ski to romp around on and jump waves.
    tune it for holeshot, this skis never gonna keep up with a RXP anyways.
    but out of the hole and flickability it will outmaneuver a RXP!!!
    i had a 97 gsx with similar mods and i loved it!!!!

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