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    How to tell if a ski has been hydrolocked??

    I want to by a FX HO the new model doesnt come to Australia for another 5 months was thinking of geting a second hand one, my biggest concern is I dont want to buy a lemon.

    Does anyone know how to tell if a ski has been hydrolocked (water in the motor)???? Your input is appreciated.

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    unlike air, water won't compress, in serious cases it will break pistons and crank rods, so one sign would be a crank rod sticking out the side of the motor

    why do you suspect water is in the motor?

    it is pretty hard to tell (impossible) if water got in a motor and then it was dried out

    normally the best you can do is do a compression check, check the bottom of the hull for damage and look for signs of salt corrosion if it is a salt water ski

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