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    bolivar-crystal beach

    drove over to bolivar-crystal beach this past weekend to survey all the damage from IKE, let me tell yall, unless you see things like that in person, tv and newspapers do not show how bad things really are. galveston looks bad also, but we you get off the ferry it looks like a atomic bomb went off. i didnt know where i was at, no landmarks left. stores, restaurants, marinas, signs all gone, sure was sad too see. its funny, you still here about New orleans and katrina, but nothing about the good people of southern mississippi, or about the people affected by rita or lke, they are forgotton people.........its a sad thing to see what those people have gone through and no one cares........

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    Yep, sad for sure. I spent many summers down there as a kid and before I got into skis, I would take my family there. Damn good times and even better people.
    I went down there the week they opened it up. I drove down from the other direction. That was about 6 weeks after it happened. You should have seen it then.

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