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    Exclamation 4-Tec Lifting Lugs / Transport Brackets

    I was noticing when I installed the 2004 4-Tec motor in my GPR hull, that I nearly lost the engine from a weak lifting lug on the front of the motor. The lifting lugs on the 2004 were made of painted black aluminum. I found this out when I was looking for a spot to place a ground wire. Well, I noticed the lifting lug was bent. So, I tugged on it a bit and sure enough, I noticed how easy it bent back. So, after finding this out, I went ahead and removed it so I would have an accident by using it again. The aluminum already creased where it as ready to crack.

    Today, I was at the boat ramp watching WFO tune in a customer's GPR. Well, another forum member and local by the name of Charlie stopped by with his RXT-X. Well, we got to talking and chatting, I happened to look in his hull and seen the stainless lifting lugs on the X motor. Sweet ! I wish Seadoo would have had these back when they originally made them.

    So, my message to you all, and some of you may already know this, I didn't find it in a search, is to PLEASE take caution when lifting your motor out of the hull using the lifting lugs provided on the 4-Tec engine. If you have an older motor like mine, please take caution or use an alternative method to remove the motor instead of the lugs. Maybe use some straps to go under the motor. I noticed by wife's 2006 engine has the better stainless lifting brackets and it is slightly shaped different. They attach on two sides of the head and not just one side like my 04.

    This information I am sharing applies to the 2004 4-tec motor. I am not sure if it was on the 2003 or 2005, but its worth inspecting if you have any of these three year models

    The part in mention is #34 Front Transport Bracket

    Part #40 Rear/PTO Transport Bracket

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    Thanks for posting the information.

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    mine's and 05 and it cracked too. noticed it while it was about 4' in the air. made a new one out of 1/8 stainless

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