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Thread: EFI adjustment

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    EFI adjustment

    I've noticed no change in my EFI when adjusting it...I can't see it when i'm running cause it's in the front part of the hull right by the gas tank but have tried many different combo's getting no speed or RPM changes that i can tell. If the riva EFI really does do anything i need to dial it in correctly since i am getting porting and a keyway...can anyone tell me step by step what/how to dial in my EFI? thanks in advance also i have a PET tach...

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    Hey GoblinEatr. The best way to adjust is to have the controller mounted close to you so that you can make adjustments on the fly. Most people velcro the controller on the instrument panel temporarily until you get it dialed in.
    The thing to remember is to adjust one circuit at a time. Start with the low speed first #1. Then the mid #2. Then high speed #3. The #4 pot is your crossover. The crossover adjusts the rpm when the first two lights go off and the red light comes on.
    There are lots of different opinions on where to put the adjustment screws. Do a search on EFI adjustments and look in the FAQ section and there is more info there.

    Good luck !!!

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