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    fuel system

    Hey guys,
    I have not yet bought any parts for my 2 93 SL750's. I am wanting to change to the triple fuel pump and chang all the fuel lines. Where do I get these parts at? And where do I find out the right way to install?
    Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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    i know you can get the pump from john zigler(sp) for real cheap, cheaper than anywhere around, the fuel lines you could get from an auto store. its all pretty straight forward installation. make sure you know about the restrictor stuff, its somewhere around

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    I suggest John as well for the fuel pumps. You can get the fuel hose from auto parts store like mentioned above. BUT, DO NOT let them sell you Fuel Injection hose at $5 a foot. Plain old regular 1/4" fuel line is all that's needed.

    As for install instructions, everything you seek is in the tech section. It's listed under Fuji fuel.

    Pay attention to the restrictor as previously mentioned. It needs to be re-installed into the return line for proper fuel pressure.

    May I suggest thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the fuel selector valve and carbs while you're at it. Paying close attention to carb settings for each one as they are all set differently.

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