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    Guy riding sea-doo for 24hrs. during the Rolex 24

    Has anyone been watching the Rolex 24 at Daytona? Evidentally there is a guy attempting to ride a sea-doo in the infield lake for the entire 24 hrs. Last night he was riding a RXT-X, and just now he was riding a yellow RXT. Anyone know anything about this? Anyone know who it is?

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    I was watching this morning and saw, from a far, someone riding a jetski in the infield lake. Wondered what was going on.

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    They do alot in that lake. my family and I went to the 2000 Pepsi 400 and they were wakeboarding for us fans in the superstretch seats.

    Could this be a new sport.The "SeaDoo 24hrs of Sebastian"

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    actually im watching it right now and it was a yellow rxp i dont know what they were riding last night tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by evo8coop View Post
    actually im watching it right now and it was a yellow rxp i dont know what they were riding last night tho

    Last night was on a RXT-X with a light.
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    Might blow up, riding the same one for 24

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    He rode two different ones. Here is a pre-ride article:

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    I thought the whole premise of a 24 hour race was to continue to race with the same vehicle and you could switch out the drivers not visa versa?

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    That is true for the Rolex 24 or any other race. Maybe this guy had different rules which would qualify him for the world record. I do remember him riding the silver and gold-ish colored RXT then I saw him on a yellow ski - maybe the RXP. I guess if the record is to go for distance then I can see switching skis.

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