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Thread: Save F-cove

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    Save F-cove


    The Problem in Brief

    Several governmental agencies are presently considering closing and filling in F-Cove, in Brick Township, north of the Mantoloking Bridge, which is the second most popular public access site on Barnegat Bay after Tices Shoals.

    The Solution

    You can help save F-Cove from closing by urging the Township of Brick to work out an alternative with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, which owns F-Cove.

    Please write:

    Council President Joseph Sangiovanni
    Township of Brick
    401 Chambersbridge Road
    Brick, NJ 08723

    Please ask Council President Sangiovanni to work with the US Fish & Wildlife Service to arrive at a mutually agreeable way to keep F-Cove in existence for future generations of boaters to safely enjoy. If you live in Brick, be sure to mention that in your letter.

    Help us mobilize support for F-Cove. Get your friends to write and phone Brick Township leaders to help save this public access site.

    If you want to help organize this effort, please let Save Barnegat Bay know by email [email protected]

    More about the Problem

    The organizations working to close this public access are:

    The American Littoral Society
    The Army Corps of Engineers
    The New Jersey Department of Transportation, and
    The US Fish & Wildlife Service

    These agencies' reasons would be (1) to use the deep lagoons as a dredge spoil site, (2) to create new wetlands so that builders can be allowed to destroy wetlands in other parts of the state, (3) to restore wildlife habitat, and (4) to tighten up on management of the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.

    Save Barnegat Bay opposes this plan. Thousands of boaters enjoy this natural setting on weekends over the course of the summer.

    The government employees contemplating this step need to stop and ask themselves what the purpose of government actually is. To deny thousands of people in the state of New Jersey this simple enjoyment merely for the sake of disposing of dredge spoils or for the sake of recreating a few acres of wetlands is to lose sight of the very purpose of government, which was originally to benefit people.

    Stay tuned to this site during the winter in order to be updated on how you can help save F Cove. You may be able to help by writing letters or attending a hearing.

    To get some idea of what the government is trying to do, open this enormous 753 page Army Corps of Engineers report and scroll to page 164. (This large document takes a very long time to load.

    info sited from:

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    Thanks for getting that out ! Love f cove !

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    Another worthy condition to address. Our access to waterways are definetley not on the 'increase'.

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