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    Jettrim versus Hydroturf

    Hi everyone,

    Any info or comments as to what is the superior seat would be great. Adding a seat to 2009 yamaha fzs, red in colour. Both companies seem to look nice and look like good quality. Just curiuous about feedback from riders here.

    Also, is the durability the same or betetr than stock. Is there more padding?? And I do not want a "sticky" or grippy material just a new colour that looks better than plain grey.

    Thanks everyone


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    i have the jettrim it has good grip but u can still wear shorts without getting raw
    i had a hydrturf seat cover on a gpr didnt like it as much as the jettrim
    also i fell the jet trim is nicer looking cover

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    Jettrim all the way!!! You have the option on everything... material colors, type, stitching, etc... I would recommend "medium slip" seating surface if you want a little more grip and still ride in shorts without your boys being destroyed

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    I had the medium slip jettrim on my GPR for years and it held up great. Keeps you planted on the ski, hated it when I rode on a ski with a stock slippery seat.

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