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    Seadoo Center Nozzel

    I notice some guys running the Seadoo Center Pump Nozzel at world finals. how much different is that nozzel compare to the skat interchangable ring nozzel that zkat track sales?


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    Here is some info I found.

    Compression Nozzel for Skat pump Compression nozzel, for Skat 162mm pumps, has been designed so as to improve the water flow through the pump system. It is made from light weight Anodised billet aluminium for superior protection against corrosion. Exit size = 83mm, fixed.

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    Thanks, Yeah i saw that on the site. But i not sure if i should get the Skat Setup, or that nozzel. do you know anyone that might give any feedback on the nozzel? I email less on friday, but i wanted to get some feedback from here.

    thanks again.

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    you only run the nozzle in combination with the Skat pump, the seadoo centre nozzle has no veins, and is optimized for the long pumpcone.

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