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    salt on intake grate

    Hey everyone,

    I bought a used pro-tec intake grate, and it's from a ski in Florida, so there's some corrosion / salt on it. Only using my ski in fresh water, this is a new problem for me. What's the best way to clean it? I've read about using dishwashers, but that's out of the question. Dishwasher liquid is fine, but would I also use steel wool to clean it up?

    Other than actually cleaning it, I'd like to touch up the finish - some of the paint is peeling, etc. Would I sand it with a fine grit sandpaper (or wetsand with ~400 grit?), or sandblast it, or dremel?

    Once it's all shiny, anyone recommend painting it? Powdercoating is a possibility, but a very distant one.

    Thanks for your help,


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    steel wool will be fine,if you feel live giving it some love use some wet and dry to finish it off......

    gotta ask, your that a ski undercover in the snow..brrrr it looks cold there

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    Sounds good - what about painting it?

    And yea, that's my ski under there. Last year the pile of snow was higher than the top of the ski, so I'm considering myself lucky It's around -4F these days, so I'm only going to be able to fit the intake on in the spring.

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    Dont bother painting unless you prep it very good!

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