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    Just thought I would introduce myself

    Hi Guys. I used to be an avid canoer but age and arthritus have made me 2old2paddle. I love shallow water creeks and rode a ski in one awhile back. The shallow draft of these things is awesome and once I get this old ski running I will again enjoy that part of my life. I am very green at this so if I ask dumb questions or make stupid comments please forgive me.I guess that is why I took so long to register. So I am at the mercy of your court
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    Welcome to GH

    Love the name

    there are no stupid question here...

    search function is your friend and there are some good threads to read in the stickys before you get posting....


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    welcome to the board, i too swapped to ski's from kayacks due to fitness issues or lack there of

    enjoy your stay and feel free to ask questions 24x7, its what we do around here

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    Welcome ....lots of knowledge....and real dumb questions....sometimes you will get dumb answers! Most folks have came from other boards and left the normal b/s to come to a spot where there seems to be a lot less of the "dumb answers"

    Welcome again,

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