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    What is porting an engine?

    Can someone tell me in a nut shell what happens when an engine is ported?

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    well to make it very simple it's like this.....

    It's like taking a small hole andmaking it a nut shell.

    But it's not just that simple as there is many things involved like port timing and shape and size...what model what size....pump gas or race gas setup...Ported to run a piston for about 50 laps and ported to run for a season or 2.

    There is a lot to it but it's really just making the machine breath in and out quicker.

    Like a car.....remove the Cat's and the stock airbox add a intake and exhaust system and the whole thing breaths easier.

    Hope this helps.

    There is a tech section or even info on the internet if you want the real run down. It would probably require a cup of joe and maybe a

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    another way to look at it is by porting, you can shift your power from the factory lower rpm to a higher racing rpm.
    and usually by makeing more rpm and accompanying it with other high rpm parts, your able to make more hp.

    but, YOU CAN do whats called blueprinting which is kinda like porting but your not changing any of the factorys angles or sizes, your just perfecting them so that they are perfect and by doing this, you can make the ski more peppy by taking out all the factory casting flaws and gasket sealing flaws.

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