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    max horsepower

    Question for you Skip - Don't know if you or anyone else in the forum will know but I imported my 250x into Australia and was talking to a guy who imported a couple of Sea Doo's in Australia. The convo entered into the horsepower discussion. He's trying to tell me that his purchase (by memory a GTX definately a 2004 model Sea Doo) came out with a standard 275 Hp. I basically said that this can't be right as the Kawasaki 250x obviously has 250 Hp and that 2 of the Sea Doo's have 255 Hp (the RXP-X and the RXT-X) and the new 260x will have 260 Hp the highest of the stock jet skis available. He then went onto to say that Sea Doo are ready to release a jet ski wth 315 Hp ??? I can't see this being true. Perhaps he's one of these "mines bigger than yours" type of people.
    Anyway its been cooking down under here in Australia. High 90's in Perth and the relatives in Adelaide 45 C / 113 F today and they are in for a record week coming up all over 40 C / 104 F or more. Nearly just nearly too hot to even go out on the ski. Problem is with this high heat very flat in the surf waters.

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    tell him he's dreaming, tossers like that only bought seadoos because they thought all sitdown skis were called seadoo.
    on seccond though , agree with him then hand him his ass on a platter when you blow his sponsons (doors) off.
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    I find that words cant always answers the debate, your just gonna have to show him what your 250 can do to his 275.

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    What horsepower to you think a 250x produces with a 1:1 pulley, 8 deg timing mod, Exhause u-pipe and an intakle system?

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