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    Photographer Andrew Kaufman's latest....

    CHEEROCRACY - Andrew Kaufman Photography

    Andrew Kaufman image of myself and Poto looking into the
    Belly of the Beast at Teahupoo, Tahiti

    Andrew Kaufman photo of my Ramp Jump @ IJSBA World Finals


    Compatriot and fellow adventurer through the third eye! Introducing my long standing buddy Andrew Kaufman. We traveled to Hawaii, hunkered down on Maui for a spell with some heavy hitters in the water world and well, the spit of life itself. Off to Tahiti while I worked a surf contest at Teahupoo and trained a water response team for Tahiti through Vetea "Poto' David, then headed off the IJSBA World Finals, where I was managing the water safety and officiating. And all the while the steadfast Andrew was working the shadows. Clicking the moments away.....

    I liked Andrew not only for his intelligence but for his abiltiy to read a person well enough to stop time with a frame shot and that story vividly lives a thousand extra lives as one admires the countenances that stare back. The messages he sees are the ones translated in your own imagination without any words, the meanings are powerful. As you can tell I love his work, but his work is who he is.

    Andrew has the tenacity and patience of a wisened soul. He can sit through Hell and reveal Heaven's glory through a soul that is oftentimes tormented with the realities and struggles of life's chaos or find the celebration in a simple unspoken gesture. He is thoughtful in his work, and a considerate soul of magnitude, but very unassuming. In fact, wonderful to work with.

    I love his images precisely because I admire the man who's patience waits for our moments to expand, they are never forgotten, timeless and passionate, his photography to me speaks of life itself, and I like that raw truth, no matter how expansive or tormented, it pricks the inner workings of our heart.

    His latest work, listed below is another treasure. Thank you Andrew, Love and Rockets my friend!


    Ok, new year new agenda. Some great new stuff happening here.

    First, the interactive and big:


    click to buy a limited edition print:

    Other big news of the day is my new gallery show that will be on February 14, 2009(YES VALENTINE'S DAY) so bring your sweetheart and see some great 40x60 photographic prints.

    Link to Invitation:

    And the buy the book that accompanies the exhibition

    Yankees Final Home Game, "The House that Ruth Built":

    As of late...

    Ethanol from Algae:

    Miami Marine Stadium: Finally designated an historical landmark

    ROYAL ISLAND and Insiders View:

    in the AK Archive

    Me, getting blogged about:

    Book Covers recently completed:

    Drew Rosenhaus Next Question Please:

    Life with my sister Madonna:

    Thanks for taking the time and good luck in the rest of 2009.

    Best Regards,


    Andrew Kaufman Photographer

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    Shawn I known this is a old thread But This is a cool video Ithought I would share

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    Isn't it amazing? Teahupo'o just keeps pushing mankind to his knees!

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