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    need some help re attaching metal to fiberglass

    i have a gtx ltd 06 and i was changing the gas strat at the front but the bracket at the bottom of the strat broke away from the fiberglass and im not sure how to re attach it, it looked like it was attached by a rivet,but went to drill it out and was drilling fiberglass and not a old rivet, any ideas?

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    it was riveted.
    get two short heavy thread SS screws.
    use 5200 adhesive.
    clean the holes thouroghly with a air gun and some acetone on a rag.
    blob the adhesive in the hole, and coat the screw lightly.
    screw them in as tight as possible without stripping.
    leave alone for 24 hrs.
    the 5200 will never come apart once its dry.
    so definitely use SS hardware cuz once its in , its permanent!!

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    done the trick thanks!!!

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