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    Innovate Motorsports.

    Thumbs Up to Innovate Motorsports..

    I bought a use LM-1 off E-bay(cheep) when it arrived it powered up and accepted firmware update. When I attached a new sensor I would get error code 5.. So I checked out the forum at Innovate and found this is common when the sensor is hooked up wrong so I checked the cable and it was pinned wrong fixed it and still error code 5 so I requested a return tag to have the unit fixed. Sent the unit off now this unit was missing the calbration button and the aux out jack was ripped off the board. Get a e-mail saying the unit is all set and is shipping at no charge... I received the unit and not only did they fix it for free they replaced the calibration button and the aux out jack.. Just want to say thanks Innovate for the great customer service..

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    wow, that is great service!

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    Beer my dealings with them were great also=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>.todd

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