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    Save the California Department of Boating and Waterways, Take Action Now!

    Save the California Department of Boating & WaterwaysFriday, January 23, 2009 12:00:00 AM

    Last updated: Friday, January 23, 2009 12:48:00 PMContact State Legislators NOW to Stop Your Boater Fees From Being Hijacked!

    Unless boaters act now, Cal Boating will be gone in 3 months, the boating advocacy group Recreational Boaters of California warns.

    Please take a moment to e-mail your California state representatives: Send them a message to show your support for Cal Boating!

    To locate your individual representative, please refer to this Web site: Please take the time to write to your representative or copy and paste our sample letter below.

    Also, due to the fact that many state legislators opt out of disclosing their email addresses, our sample letter can be downloaded here for postal mailing.

    Dear Legislator:

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is submitting a reorganization proposal to the California State Legislature that would eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW).

    The governor’s plan is set to take effect this spring – UNLESS the California Senate or the Assembly adopts by majority vote a resolution rejecting the plan.

    I STRONGLY urge you to reject this wrongheaded plan, which would neither save money nor provide any benefit to California taxpayers. On the contrary: It would negatively affect the state’s more than 3 million boaters and California’s $17 billion per year recreational boating industry.

    What does the DBW mean to California boaters?

    • DBW receives no General Fund dollars: It is entirely funded by boater fuel tax dollars, boat registration fees and interest payments on infrastructure loans (including those for boating access projects, marina improvements and launch ramp construction).

    • DBW has a compact organizational structure and administers boating programs in a timely and non-bureaucratic manner. Its statutory charter is directly boating-related.

    • DBW provides accountability, transparency and leadership in its allocation and use of boater-derived taxes and fees, and in providing the best use of these funds for programs benefiting boating.

    • California’s more than 3 million boating enthusiasts, who support a $17 billion per year boating industry, must have a dedicated department to represent their interests -- with a director whose primary focus is boating.

    • The elimination of DBW will not provide the governor’s projected $600,000 in savings, and would eliminate essential boating programs and services including:
    o Maintaining safety on the waterways for more than 3 million boating enthusiasts.
    o Ensuring environmental protection for the state’s waterways.
    o Stimulating the state’s economy through loans and grants for boating facility
    construction – all 100-percent funded by boater-paid fees, at no cost to

    Please reject Gov. Schwarzenegger’s unwarranted effort to destroy a model agency that operates efficiently. The Department of Boating and Waterways provides a valuable service to boaters statewide, and all of its costs are fully funded by California boaters.


    _________________(E-mail Address)

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    Good Day CBSOA Members,

    It is very important we all take part in the effort to make some noise and show the Legislators and the Governor how important DBW is to the Boating Safety Officer and the Safety of the Boating Public.

    We need to be loud and make a lot of noise as this is the third time in eight years the proposal to dissolve DBW has been proposed by the Governor.

    It is very important each letter and/or email has your voice, the voice of the Boating Safety Officer. We encourage this information is also passed along to friends and family, and all contacts in the Boating Community. Below and attached are contact information and key points you can use and/or cut and paste into your own message. Personal experience is also a great way to personalize your message.

    The Governor is proposing to eliminate the
    Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) and we need your help!

    DBW is critical to the future of boating in California. DBW funds launch ramp construction, loans for marina construction, construction of boating safety centers, boating safety and law enforcement programs, abandoned vessel removal, public outreach programs, and even weed control in boating areas!

    How can you help? We need you to contact the Governor and your legislator to express your strong opposition to this plan. Below is the address and phone number for the Governor and web links to find your individual legislator.

    Also, below is information you can use in your communication with the Governor and legislators. Insert this information into a personalized letter or email, and send it to the Governor and your legislator IMMEDIATELY!


    Governor Contact Information:

    The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Governor, State of California
    State Capitol
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (Once you type in your information and select a general topic, it will open a window for you to put the text of your message.)

    Legislator Search:

    On this page follow the links to “Senators” and then “Your Senator” on the left side of the page.

    On this page go to the “Find My District” link on the left side of the page.

    Benefits of the Department of Boating and Waterways to the Boating Safety Officer
    • DBW provides 8 different training classes a year to the boating safety officer. These classes were developed in a progression to enable the boating safety officer to perform the critical duties they are expected to perform on the water to save lives and protect the boating public. Without DBW and these classes the boating safety officer would be put at great risk.

    • The DBW training classes are available to the over 100 agencies in the State that have Marine Patrol Operations. The 20 classes in 2008 served over 400 boating safety officers, and many were the only opportunity these officer’s had to become proficient in their job requirements on the water.

    • 38 of California’s 58 Counties receive monies from DBW to support or supplement their Marine patrol Operations. Without this DBW funding source many Counties would be unable to provide the vital service they perform on the water for the boating public.

    • Without DBW and the funding for Marine Patrol Operations, not only would the boating public be at great risk, so would the security of vital infrastructure these boating safety officers protect and patrol.

    • Without DBW equipment grant monies many agencies would be unable to upgrade patrol boats, electronics and critical communication equipment. Equipment grants provide important components that many agencies cannot provide for out of their own reduced department budgets.

    • Include example of personal experience with your training or department that DBW has made possible.

    Benefits of the Department of Boating and Waterways

    (Use this information for your emails and letters, but we suggest you personalize it as much as possible to avoid it looking like a form letter)

    § DBW is completely self-funded by boater’s dollars. DBW does not rely on the State General Fund for one penny to pay for the many construction projects, programs, staff or any of its operating expenses. Eliminating the Department WILL NOT help with the State’s financial problems.

    § Boating is an economic powerhouse: Recreational boating contributes approximately $16.5 billion to the gross state product, which represents about 1.2 percent of the State’s economy and generates about $1.6 billion in state and local taxes. There are more than 8,500 recreational boating-related businesses. Recreational boating also creates over 284,000 direct and indirect jobs. DBW’s efforts are dedicated to promoting boating and are critical to ensuring the future economic health of California.

    § DBW is the primary funding source for boating infrastructure construction. Each year DBW provides millions of dollars in the form of grants and loans for private enterprises and public agencies for boating infrastructure projects. Without the availability of these grants and loans, boating infrastructure improvements and repairs will be severely hampered, along with the much-needed jobs these projects create.

    § DBW loans money that is paid back with interest. These loans generate approximately $20 million dollars in revenue each year for the Department through the repayment of principal and interest on these loans. DBW makes money for the State!

    § DBW’s safety programs save lives. Boating accidents are the second-largest type of transportation accident in the nation, exceeded only by automobile accidents, and California ranks second nationally in the number of boating accidents and fatalities. DBW has an aggressive safety outreach program, including direct financial support for law enforcement in high boating counties, that is critical to saving lives on the water.

    In short, the Department of Boating and Waterways does an excellent job that has many direct and indirect financial and other benefits to the State, all without the help of the General Fund. To allow this Department to be eliminated will have a serious impact on the economy and the safe enjoyment of boating.


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