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    My garage sale: Lowballer's special. make an offer.

    Make an offer, take it away. this stuff is taking up space and I want it outta here.

    2 RXP rear seat cowls

    1 stock rxp prop. only 24 hrs on it.

    2 RXP stock intercoolers

    2 Sets of stock RXP injectors

    2 Front housings and stock SC impellers

    1 TDO4 turbo from 03 subaru wrx with about 18k on it.

    1 set of wrx stock injectors

    1 wrx stock intercooler

    3 slightly faded used life jackets. One neoprene red body glove sz M, one neoprene blue 'on the edge' sz XL, one neoprene dicks brand grey size L. None are worth positng pics of.

    1 sandbag anchor

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    Ill be posting more junk this weekend once I look through the garage again. Dont hesitate to make an offer.

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    one seat cowl sold

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