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    Name this worked rideplate????

    I was told this was a IR mod plate. The mounting side does not appear to be machined and looks the same or similar to some stock plates i have. First 2 pics are of the worked plate and last 2 are a stock plate.

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    Do you have an ebay problem? Addicted to parts?

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    looks like an ir plate. just a mod 1 or 2. i think the mod 3 and 4 have the machined sides and monting pads. best bet would be to email or pm carl.

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    I am addicted to kool parts!! I usually just buy them when a good deal comes along.

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    You should buy my MOD 4 plate

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    That is a MOD 1 with the skegs removed. Probably one that weve done 8 years ago.
    That is an original version R&D.( still the fastest to date ) We were getting 5+ from modding those plates back in 01

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