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    Trim Brace

    Go to your ski and grab the steering nozzle and check for vertical play in your trim system. Chances are it is very sloppy and the cables on the bellcrank up front under the hood need adjustment to tighten the slop.
    Even when tightening the cables on the bellcrank to the limit, there is still an amazing amount of vertical play in your trim/steering nozzle.
    It is very important to have as little vertical movement as possible to help stop any form of bounce and handling issues at hi speed.
    I created a simple brace from 1.000 x .125 inch aluminum strap to prevent any vertical movement of the steering nozzle.
    Of course when this brace is installed you have no adjustment on your factory trim system, it is locked into whatever position you choose to mount it, so you will only want this for flat water, hi speed, radar runs, or any form of riding where you dont need to trim up or down.
    Remember it is always best to run your trim at neutral position for top speed runs, and control your hull lift with plate and tab adjustments, instead of trying to lift with your trim 1 clik up.
    Redirecting the water stream with your trim will slow the flow of water, and in turn slow the ski..
    Very simple to make guys. A couple drill bits, 10 dollar piece of aluminum from home depot, and a set of calipers to measure the position of your nozzle so you can obtain a true neutral setting. Nozzle now is incredibly rock solid with literally zero vertical movement.
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    Looks good Ross

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    I have a HUGE problem with this on my ski. Thanks for posting! I will probably do this so I can stop bouncing around over 80 mph

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    I was just about to post a thread on this wondering if the play had an affect on speed/handling. Nice post Ross

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    Ross, another idea you can do if you want it removable is use longer bolts, drill a small hole in the bolt for a reatiner pin. Slide the brace on and slide a retainer pin of sorts through the bolt This way you can take it on or off in a matter of a minute or two.
    You can make a 90 degree mounting bracket and bolt that to where you have the back mount now. Then all you have to do is pin the rod to those attach points. It wouldnt matter if there is side to side slop in the mounting points. The forward and aft slop would still be zero and you can then take it on and off pretty quickly.....

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    It is on and off now in 60 seconds flat..Any sort of pin will also have play.. Bolted tight is best..

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