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Thread: pump extension

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    pump extension

    I was looking at the Riva instructions for a pump extension. It mentions using an alignment tool. Won't everything go back in it's original place just the same as changing the wear ring.

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    They had previous problems with misaligned motors and this product. They are covering their a**es if something happens. The motors are not always aligned correctly from BRP or is someone has swapped motors or replaced the engine mounts. It will also show if the pump shoe is installed squarely.

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    I think that they are telling you to do this as a precaution before putting in the longer driveshaft as an out-of-alligned pump/engine will have a tendency to put more strain on the driveshaft... Ron

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    Quote from Jerry about engine alignment with the pump extensions:

    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk
    The issue was resolved. It seems some shafts that were sent out were not heat treated. They recalled all the shafts that were sent out as a precaution and sent everyone new shafts. Problem solved.

    Alignment is not that critical as the shaft has crowned splines and allows for a lot of play.

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