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    No compression stx 1100

    I have a Kaw 1999 STX 1100 with 80 hrs I was ridding along almost full throttle when it stopped. I was able to start it up and nurse it back to land. It would only go about 10 -15 mph. When I got it home I did a compression test and had 120 on the back two cylinders and ZERO on the front, any Ideas? Thanks Dan.

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    How did the plug look on #1? it could be anything from a bad reed valve to a busted piston. I the plug has metal on it then you might as well pull the head to have a look at the piston.

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    my guess would be a piston siezure for sure. if your engine cant compress once the piston is past the exhaust port then your pistons sealing ability is gone which means you have a siezed piston.

    it wasnt too bad of a seize since you were able to start it and ride it back but at a loss.

    pulling the head is quick and easy and it has a metal head gasket that can be reused if you have too but more than likely the piston is galled around the outside.

    if you pull the head, push the pistons down so that your front cylinder is all the way down and look at your cylinder wall. take your finger and feel the sides of the cylinder and try to feel any gooves. when you get to them you'll know. it doesnt take much for a piston to do this. and if you pull the engine, take the piston out and post a pic of it and we can discuss what and why by the damage.

    i see a many zxi's with this

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    fuel or oil system failure

    Lean seize, cracked the piston above the rings, or holed the crown

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    alota zxi's that have blown up that ive seen, the exhaust port side of the skirt on the piston will break off and drop down in the engine. why? i have no idea, my guess would be lean, exh port side of the piston skirt gets hot, its the first to go on the pto side of the engine. possibly, a slight cooling clog gets the pipe a little hotter than normal and causes this, i did have a zxi that would get sizzling hot, blew air through everything with great results but when i took the exhaust off, it was full of sand.

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