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    Brainstormin, has anyone tried this?

    As some of you know I'm currently getting my 02' 1200 ported by Lowell and then built up by Travis Church. I'm adding the blue rubber FF tube and eliminating the sound suppression. I'm a little concerned about loosing some top end r's with this set-up. I'm hearing the new water boxes have an added baffle inside. Why couldn't we weld a block off plate in the outlet tube of the waterbox to add a little back pressure? I'm thinkin like block maybe 25% of the opening. This would only take a few minutes now that I have the waterbox out. Looking for some opinions/input here.

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    What you propose is probably right - the problem is figuring out exactly what size. Trial and error gets to be a painfull, time consuming process.

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    if you had access to a flow bench it would be easy to figure out...i have the jet works mod ,so i need to ff tube..besides, it sounds real good......i thought you could do the same thing by adding water to the exhaust...i tried a run with jet works which restricts water ,and a run with full water in stock form with jet works also...two water sources..both with ff tube...the run with restricted water w/jet works and ff tube was 2 mph faster....i thought that by adding more water to the exhaust it would simmmulate the sound box back pressure....but it didnt could just get some kind of petal bellows opening and put it on hull opening and adjust your pressure externally.........i really think what a 2 stroke wants is a reverse sound wave.

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